Nature at Work: the team

The story behind Nature at work

Since 1983, Nature at work has been an expert in delivering, unburdening and taking care of healthy and comfortable living and working spaces thanks to interior planting. 100% Belgian and 100% passionate.

And that is something you truly notice. Both in the office and on the field: passionate experts in the nursery, smart minds in the office and specialised greenkeepers in your company. That's what Nature at work has been for 40 years.

Thinking big in green

At Nature at work we sell and rent customised plants and greenery throughout Belgium. The combination of nursery and interior planter is what makes us unique in Europe. It also allows us to respond very quickly. In addition to classic indoor planting and its maintenance, we are also specialised in plant and moss walls, dividers, flowering plants, artificial plants, decoration of atriums with large trees. Finally, we decorate many offices every year with Christmas trees - and decorations. Considering greenery in your own office? Nature at work is keeping your spaces alive!

Interior plants
Interior plants

Sustainibility is the future

We always aim for sustainability. Not only ecologically, but with every collaboration: from supplier to employee. And of course, with our customers. We are firmly committed to offering our customers top service: personal, (pro)active and efficient. Every team member at Nature at work is also highly valued. We have a culture of recognition, commitment, flexibility and responsibility.